Microsoft 365 – Reporting Phishing Emails

Please report any suspicious email you receive from now on. It will protect not only 

you but your fellow users.

We have been working with the Nation Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and they have released a new add-on for Office 365 Outlook/Emails. The add-on now allows you to report phishing/scam emails with a click of a



When you receive a scam/phishing email please click the 3 dots on the email to load the advanced email menu up.


     Click the ‘Report Phishing’ button near the bottom of the menu




A window will appear asking you if you are sure you want to send a copy of this scam/phishing email to                         Microsoft and NCSC. Please select the ‘Report’ button


 You will now see a message at the top of the email that will tell you that the email has marked as Phishing. You do not have to do anything else now. Microsoft & NSCS will investigate the email and remove any threats to the school by liaising with CLPT IT Technical Team.



 You can also do this on your mobile phones/tablets. Click the 3 dots on your email message.



You can now click the ‘Report Phishing’ button at the bottom of your screen.


 If for any reason you do not see the Report Phishing button the please contact CLPT Technical Support. Many schools across the country have already been targeted in 2021 with Cyber Attacks by giving away email passwords and gaining access to systems. Please report the email if you think it is a scam, failing that call us immediately and we will assist you.



IT Help Desk


Phone: 01902 556493