Microsoft Teams – Central Sixth Students

How to access different schools Team’s classes


1. Firstly, open up an internet browser, preferably Google Chrome. In the address bar go to and click the orange “Sign in” button – if this logs you into your, or emails automatically you will need to click the person (top right of the screen) and click Sign Out. Then once it signs you out click the orange sign in button below.


2. Next, enter your email address and password and click ‘Sign In’



3. If you are on a school computer, please click ‘No’ on the Stay signed in question. School computers are shared devices and we recommend not saving your password on school computers in case you forget to lock your computer and students can access your email account etc.


4. The office portal will now open, the left hand menu is where all your Office apps are stored, such as Word Online, Excel Online, OneDrive, Outlook (emails) and also Teams. Please visit Outlook to begin as you will need to accept the invitation to join Teams received from the technical support team.


5. In your Inbox, you should see a Microsoft Invitations email (1 per school) it will also have the school name next to the invitation. If you do not go to one of these schools you do not need to accept the invitation.


6. Please click the email and click the “Accept invitation” button, you will have to do this for each school you attend.






7. A new tab will open in Google Chrome, please click Accept on this box. You must click Accept for the invite to work.


8. You will now receive a message saying “Just a moment” – please do not close your internet browser.






9. Once the invite has been accepted, please wait and Microsoft Teams will open in your internet browser automatically. When Teams opens, please click “Use the web app instead”


10. Once you are on the Teams dashboard, at the top right of the screen you will see your picture and also the school you are at, ours currently says Central Sixth, if you are at Heath Park and you need to access a Heath Park lesson, please click on the drop down and select Heath Park.



11. If you do not see any schools on here like the screenshot below, please email and we can add you into the correct Teams groups.




12. When you click on a school to switch it, it will pop up with a tutorial for the first time, simply close this by clicking on the ‘X’ button at the top right on the tutorial window.


13. Once the tutorial has finished or you have closed the tutorial window, you will be presented with all your school classes for that school, i.e if you have clicked Heath Park (Guest)  in the dropdown menu, you will only see your Heath Park classes.

If you are a Heath Park student and you have travelled to Moseley Park or Coppice you will need to select that school when you are there to see those classes.

If you have any problems with accessing Teams or you can’t see your classes, please speak to your Head of Sixth Form, alternatively contact us on our IT Helpdesk.

IT Help Desk