Class Groups – 2020 Teams Guide

Activating new Teams Class Groups

1. Log onto Teams by either using the Desktop shortcut or by going to in 

your internet browser and logging in with your school email address.

This is the first screen you will see when launching teams.

2. Click Teams on the left-hand menu, and select your class. If your class has not been activated, please 

activate it the Team so students and other staff members (teaching assistants) can access the group.

3. Click Activate, then click Activate once again and this will activate the Teams group

4. The team will now be activated.

5. Each class will have it’s OWN INDIVIDUAL files area, this will replace the student shared drive. You can 

drop files in here for each class you have, only that class will see those files in a locked down area.

6. You can also assign your students (per class) individual work (assignments) – you can upload word 

documents/Power Points for the students and they will receive an individual copy of the file you have 

shared, they can then edit their own version of the file, submit the work and you will see a copy per 

student. Student’s can’t edit each other’s documents and will be able to see when students have edit 

and re uploaded the work, this can all be done by using Teams as it has got a built-in Microsoft Office 

Online editor.

We will be releasing a more in-depth guide on Microsoft Teams Assignments